Okay – so now I’m having trouble deciding when to write a blog. (Or do I mean when to blog? Is ‘blog’ officially a verb yet?) I’ve been waiting for something amazing and life-affirming to happen that would give me reason to write.. Apparently my life just isn’t that interesting..

The only news I had was that (as per Lee Hume’s suggestion) I invite the ‘other’ Mike Switzer to be my friend. Which I did.


And he declined.

So a wonderful start to the year. A namesake that is potentially a blood relation of mine at some miniscule level doesn’t even want to know me! It would appear being a socially dysfunctional ignorant git is a genetic trait.

Moving on..

I have entered a competition! The Laughing Horse ‘New Act Of The Year 2007’. Admittedly my experience may be lacking, but I make up for that in having a car and being able to get there. I don’t expect to do well (although it’s a really nice car) but I want to really challenge myself so I’ve written some new material for it as well. Come along if you can..

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